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Adding a New Legacy Engine

October 17th, 2009 No comments

Setting the Engine’s ID

  1. Set the Program/Run switch to “Program”
  2. Place the Engine on the track
  3. Power up to 18 Volts
  4. Press ENG and an ID number from 1 to 99 to identify the engine
  5. Press SET (lower left corner of remote)
  6. The horn should blow and/or the head light should flash.
  7. Power down the track
  8. Set Program/Run switch back to “Run”
  9. Power up the track
Downloading the Engine Memory Module
  1. Address the engine by pressing ENG followed by the ID number you used aboved
  2. Press the INFO button
  3. Insert the Engine Memory Module in the CAB2 Remote
  4. Press  “Load Module”
  5. Press  “Yes” to complete the download
  6. Press the red CTC button to complete the process

Addressing the new Engine

  1. Pressing SELECT
  2. Enter the engine’s road number
  3. Pressing ENG
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